Soul Winners



“The soul winners connection event was very good and inspiring and will help me in some areas of my life.”

“The program was very good. The songs, skit, and panel held my attention and interest. To God be the glory. Thank you for doing this.”


“Most fulfilling event I've attended in some time.”
“Very encouraging and very informative”
“I learned things about Paris that I didn't know before”

“EXCELLENT. I needed that. Thank you so much for everything. I am so blessed. Thank you Dr. Ty.”

“Inspiring and encouraging – everything – especially the panel discussion. The best for last – Running with a vision! Yes!”
Juanita C.
“This was my first experience and I truly enjoyed it.”

More Reviews

“I cried when I heard I was going to receive the extra money. It really makes a difference at the end of the month.”
Shirley, age 62
Has had several medical bouts and has not had continuous work for several years.
“I felt like dancing when I heard about Operation Stash. The extra money helps a lot.”
Bobbie, age 66
Has several physical challenges and lives on a fixed income.

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